Bonsai School

A great day was had by one and all

NIBS arranged the 3rd of  4 Bonsai Schools on Saturday 8th Oct.  Many thanks to Ian Young for a magnificent effort in hosting the event in his garage and a big thank you to his very tolerant wife for her work in the background.

Thanks are due to Peter Snart from Willowbog Nursery who has accepted responsibility for these events and on the day gave a series of most interesting and informative talks.

The schedule started at 9am and finished at 5pm although there was an opportunity from 8am – 9 am to view the wide selection of trees that Peter had ferried with him in the van to sell to club members. There was also an opportunity to stock up on wire, potting medium’s, feeds and tools etc. all of which were well priced and offered an enormous saving on postage which we here in N. Ireland usually have to pay to have these things delivered.

We were provided with unlimited tea, coffee an biscuits and broke for a very acceptable lunch just around midday.

The day cost £10 and it was by far the best value for £10 that I have had since I bought my wife’s wedding ring in 1967.

An Ominous Sign

A selection of trees for sale

Goodies for sale

The Mob gathers. Not a pretty sight

Ian introducing and Peter blowing his bugle

Peter talking about deadwood and carving

A welcome break for Lunch

Our youngest member Jamie taking health and safety measures to the extreme during a carving session

For further information on the days proceedings click here Bonsai School

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