Acers in Autumn

This is the little Deshojo that revived my interest in my trees this year. As explained in my Back to Basics page it was in real distress in the middle of July but glad to say I think it has made a great recovery in the last few months.

It has even started to back bud on the lower trunk

Many of the distressed leaves fell but there has been very significant regrowth and all of the shoots have been allowed to grow on. I don’t think I have lost any branches. It is now ready for winter protection. I am optimistic about it as I look to next year.

This Palmatum that I bought from Heron’s Bonsai was also in distress but it too has made a good recovery following potting on into a very free draining mix.

It may have lost a branch but I’m not entirely sure as there does appear to be tiny buds on some of the twigs. Time will tell

This is an Acer Osakzsuki that I raised from garden centre stock over the past 5 years or so. The leaves on the  bottom right branch curled up but they didn’t die.

 They appear to have made a good recovery.

Each of these trees were potted on without disturbing the original root mass. The Deshojo into pure grit, not for the fainthearted, but the other two into a mix of grit and about 30% cat litter.

Well done Ian and thanks for the good advice given.

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3 Responses to Acers in Autumn

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Looking a lot healthier now Michael. You will see a big difference next year.


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