Chinese Elm

This is just another very simple example of the benefits of care. This tree is a bog standard Chinese Elm. Nothing special about it now and never likely to be.  It was in a traing pot for years and was just struggling.  It lost all its leaves in winter 2010/2011 and just struggled to survive throughout the summer 2011 without putting on any significant new growth.

I potted it on into this plastic plant pot in mid September giving it a lot more depth and about 2 inchs extra in diameter. An 8 inch pot. The mix was 50% cat litter and 50% grit. I did not even sieve the grit as I just did it one day for something to do. As if I needed to look for things to do.

The result speaks for itself. The tree is still outside and has been putting on fresh growth all the month of October. If I listen to the little tree I am sure I can here it say “That’s better, thanks for giving me a fresh start”

Lesson learned. Look After Your Trees

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