Unseasonal Surprises

I was gathering a few trees to overwinter in the green house and  was surprised with what I found.

This Kiyohime Maple has suffered badly over the last few years. It lost a couple of branches following a fall in a storm and then had a deck chair fall on it. It is now completely devoid of all leaves and was the earliest maple in my collection  to lose all its leaves this autumn. I was just about to put it into the greenhouse when this caught my eye.

The tiniest little red leaf sitting pretty in all its youthful glory. 7th November and the pot fairly well frozen through as it was sitting in the coldest part of the garden.

And what about this little Pyracantha. Sitting in the same place.

Looking fresh and green and guess what:

She only wants to flower.

It’s all just a picture

Fading Glory of an Acer Palmatum  shrub

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2 Responses to Unseasonal Surprises

  1. willowbogger says:

    sure has been an odd sort of year Mike !


  2. Probably more surprises to come Peter


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