Dead Stubborn

Pardon the Pun

I was always told that Chinese Elm were hard to kill but I really thought this one was a gonner. I bought this thing at B&Q dept store many years ago for a couple of quid on the basis that it would probably die. It had been absolutely neglected while in-store. I grew it for a number of years , didn’t give it any real care and it has been in the same pot for 4 years.

It survived winter 2009/2010 but did very little during the growing season. As we came out of the winter 2010/11 it was just a dried stick. It showed no signs of life during the entire growing season and I discarded it under a climbing rose. I always intended taking it out of the pot and dumping it. Yes I mean the tree, not the pot, although I’m quite sure any sane person would think I should have dumped the pot as well.

I was clearing the patio this morning before the rain came and I caught sight of it out in the corner of my eye and was amazed to see this growth.

There was absolutely no sign of this 6 weeks ago

All the growth is coming from the lower trunk.

What a survivor. I really do think this little guy deserves a third, or maybe I should say a fourth, chance

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2 Responses to Dead Stubborn

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Will this tree be symbolic of your bonsai revival? 🙂


  2. Time will tell. I hope I’m half as resilient as this little guy


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