Hawthorn Windswept

This little tree, about 18 inches long, is pretty much as it was collected from the top of a derelict cottage wall in Co Donegall about 6 years ago.

I want it to stay as close as possible to its original shape. A few of the original branches, not many, have extended a little and have sprouted a few side shoots.  The main branches have been spread apart horizontally to give more depth to the tree and I have added a little kink to the trunk just to the left of the sharp Z shape bend to add a little movement. Apart from that the tree is pretty much as the fierce Donegall climate has produced it.

Throughout the tree the crocodile skin bark is the outstanding feature.

The Nebari has a deep natural fissure

The slight bend to the left is the one introduced using a block with a V cut into it that I wedged between the trunk and the pot. The V was lined with a piece of carpet to protect the trunk. I guy wired from the extreme left of the trunk to underneath the pot and used a tourniquet to gradually bend the trunk. It worked although it may need a little more movement.


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2 Responses to Hawthorn Windswept

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Nice bark Michael. A more suitable pot in the Spring would be good. It would be nice to get a little more movement in the trunk after that nice first link.


  2. Totally agree. I was maybe thinking of something a little bit adventurous to simulate a wall or a cliff face. Who knows


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