Trident Maple

I have a couple of Trident Maples growing in the garden and amazingly they are still in leaf in the middle of December. The second one was grown from a cutting of the first  which was bought as a very young tree from Heron’s Bonsai about 8 years ago.

The original tree is being grown in a crowded be in a sheltered spot in the garden but the second is being grown as an ornamental tree near a North Facing Wall in a very cold and windy part of the garden. It really should have dropped all its leaves some time ago.



The original tree which has been cut back a couple of times and new leaders grown. needs looked at again.

Current leaf which looks pretty fresh

The second tree in the most exposed spot in the garden. Struck from a cutting about 6 years ago but was only planted out 18 months ago.  Before that it had spent its life in a 12 inch pot  and was totally neglected.

The tree wants to be a multi trunk. I obseved that in all the cuttings I took

Current leaf growth

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