Local trees in the NUDE

These trees are all within 1 mile of my home. It was such a lovely day today that I couldn’t resist a short drive and a bit of a walk with the camera.

This is the Rihanna Tree made famous by the infamous pop star Rihanna. Follow this link for the full story

This is a truly amazing beech over 125 years old. The owner of the bungalow tells me there were three in a row in his garden but two had to be felled as they were unstable.  The base of the tree was in deep shadow because of the garden wall. The bungalow was built about 50 years ago in farmland and the builder kept some of the original trees in situe

The light was just too bright and gave too much contrast to capture all the detail. I’ll try again on another day.


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4 Responses to Local trees in the NUDE

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    I love that tree!! And you beat me too it lol, I was planning at stopping there myself to get a photo of it. I have even started carrying the camera in the car on the off chance. It’s particularly suitable that the tree is naked considering Rihanna’s exploits. You got a few nice shots with the straw bales too. The natural light is very good indeed.


  2. willowbogger says:

    nice images Mike , we have 186,000 acres of trees round here that Rihanan would be welcome to dance naked under !!!


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