Identification Parade

I took a bit of a dander today (Northern Ireland speak for a walk) and found the following.

Can anyone help me identify these specimins.

I’m colour blind but my wife tells me the leaves are dark green on the top and a silvery green on the underside. 

They are from a specimen which is collectible if the species is viable bonsai material.

The second will be more difficult if not impossible until it actually comes out of dormancy. The opportunity presented itself so I collected this immediately 


The bark is a copper brown colour. The tree is obviously a garden variety. I collected it from a derelict site that was once a residential home.  Is it viable bonsai material is the real question. The nebari is about 3.5 inches, 90 mm diameter

My wife says I have enough rubbish about the place and she’s probably right but Hey! I came home with a smile

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2 Responses to Identification Parade

  1. willowbogger says:

    not sure but the leaves may be off a Salix [ willow ] of some sort , the plant is almost certainly Birch [ Betulus ] both will make bonsai though neither exactly brilliant !


  2. Not worth wasting my time on either of them then. Thanks for the help Peter.


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