My latest Folly

Fagus Sylvatica

I came across this beech literally at the entrance to a demolition site just opposite LIDLS shop in Bangor. It was lying flat  on the side of a raised bank in loose soil with its roots barely covered. It literally took only a few minutes to collect as it only needed two large roots to be cut before it came away with almost no soil at all.

 There is a nasty inverted taper above the main root mass (such as it is) but there are roots growing out of the trunk and there were roots growing out of  the right facing heavy branch. I think the branch has naturally layered and developed roots. 

I decided to plant the tree as deeply as possible in its container and therefore cut a  few horizontal strips out of the bark and on the underside of the branch which had layered. The idea is to try to promote roots at that point so that the lower root mass can be cut off some time in the future. Maybe not my future but if new roots grow then this will enable the horrible inverted taper to be chopped off. I know an acceptable nebari is a long way off but its worth a try.

This is the tree planted right to the bottom of the container. It is about 24 inches tall and if it survives it will need a chop somewhere to be decided down the line. There are plenty of small side shoots. The main growth was further up the trunk as the tree was about 6 ft tall.

I have given it a good top dressing of bonemeal

I have stripped it of all foliage. The remaining buds are quite healthy although all growing toward the left of the picture. This is because the tree was lying almost flat and was really starting to grow raft style.

Something will have to happen here in the future.

All of my recent activity has been born out of frustration. I want to get at my trees and get them repotted into proper pots and start them on a good feeding regime. So please try to indulge me and give me a fool’s pardon.

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