Taxus Yew

This is a Yew which has been about the place for quite a few years now. I bought it as garden centre stock and I am ashamed to say it is still in the same pot and soil that I bought it in those 8-10 years ago. In spite of all that it is still relatively healthy.

I gave the tree a basic styling  to the best of my ability at the outset and apart from giving it an odd quick trim and overworking a couple of branches until they died the tree has been more or less untouched.  There is a front in there somewhere.

This shot of some of the foilage shows that the tree is basically healthy

Shot of the Nebari. I think there’s more that can be uncovered

View of the top shari

While the tree as it sits is pretty rough I think it has most of the basic elements to make it a reasonable tree further down the line. A good cleaning, a  pot, some trimming, wiring and branch placement will make a difference.

One of the problems I face is that I just don’t know the basic growing characteristics of the trees in my little collection. Although looking at visual images of other trees on the net etc is very interesting it is no substitute for hands on experience . This makes styling that bit more difficult. That’s what makes club membership very important and helpful and so without grovelling I can honestly say that I appreciate being a member of NIBS.  


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2 Responses to Taxus Yew

  1. willowbogger says:

    common on Mike , thats a nice little tree , it deserves a bonsai pot , lets do that in Feb. ?


  2. Sounds like an idea to me Peter. ta


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