Yew Update

Well, I got the toothbrush out and with a solution of washing up liquid and household bleach have given this tree a good scrubbing to remove the grime and algae. The deadwood looks much better. In a day or two I might apply some lime sulphur

I have rewired the tree and have done a bit of branch and twig placement to the best of my ability. The wiring may not be pretty and I have had to use some pretty ugly heavy wire which wont stand the test of close inspection. I was reluctant to do a lot of trimming at this time of the year so there is a lot of development and work still ahead for this tree if it is to look like anything at all.

I think the front is around here somewhere as there  are no other branches on the lower trunk that would facilitate the other side of the tree becoming the front.

Viewing from either of these angles may well allow the top shari to be extended down the trunk to meet the long jinned branch.

A couple of the top branches have pretty ugly scars. This is a result of my earlier unique styling techniques but a season of good growth and trimming etc will go a long way toward disguising them.

The root ball is massive, the tree is in a 14 inch pot, so I think it may well need to be reduced gradually before putting it into a bonsai pot. 

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