Just Pics

One of my objectives when I started this blog was to photograph all my trees, warts and all, as I had never done that before. I am very aware that there have been more WARTS than anything else but I am continuing to do this slowly. If any view and read the posts, well and good, although its possible that  I could manage to drive every body away. 


This is a picea (Spruce) that Ii bought as a twig from a little bonsai shop near Pirbright in Surrey about 8 years ago. it has put on plenty of growth but the trunk hasn’t thickened and it is clearly too thin. I might bin it or if I can find something suitable I might  try to place a rock, with a crevice in it,  into the curve to give the impression of a tree growing behind and/or over the rock. If this is done it might be an option to place it on a suitable slate.   There is obviously a dead wood option on the lower dead branch stumps.

I did some drastic work  (click link) on this tree a few months ago and I was interested to see how it was coping and also to take a better pic. The verdict is So far so good. I know its early days but although I haven’t incude a close up shot of the buds on the top branches they look healthy enough.  The apex isn’t right but I don’t want to work it any more until the growing season starts.

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4 Responses to Just Pics

  1. willowbogger says:

    with the spruce Mike , dont try to fatten the trunk or add a rock , just settle for nice wee literati or bunjin style , wired and shaped then pottted on a nice small slab or a round pot it could look just fine !


  2. Thanks Peter I am just concerned about the long thin trunk but I’m certainly listening. In any event the first thing to do is wire the tree.


  3. Tony Keatley says:

    Mike I think you could air layer the Spruce were the trunk turns at right angles. That would make a nice little tree I think.


    • Tony, thanks for your comment. Sounds like an option although my success rate withe air layers is pretty grim. I don’t think I have anything to lose though. The image you viewed was from 3 years ago and I haven’t done anything with the tree in that time except let it grow.


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