Larch Larix

Yet another bit of stuff thats lying around the place.  A larch that I picked up as a sapling about 6 years ago. The trunk was  least 15 inches longer than it is now and had no branches below those which you can see.  It was too long and as I had no experience in air layering  I placed the rootball into a very deep and narrow pot, cut a ring of bark away on the trunk where I thought the roots should be and filled the pot with a very gritty mix.  It sent out new roots. The trunk was still too long so I repeated the process 2 years ago. Once again it appears to have sent out fresh roots just below the soil level. If so I will give it another chop this spring.


The tree produced a nice cone last year and has managed to keep it all winter so far.

I know very little about Larch and find the branches get quite thick and coarse very quickly. The needle growth is very heavy and bushy. The branches on this tree are just a couple of inches apart and I’m not sure if this tree works at any level. Perhaps it needs a shorter  partner to add a bit of interest.


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