Marc Noelanders White Pine

This tree which was styled by Marc Noelanders in April 2003 originally came from Lodder’s Bonsai in Holland

This sketch, made in the planning stages,  shows  Marc’s objective for the tree.

These are images of the tree front and back. Unfortunately the tree has lost a number of branches halfway up the trunk. This is the result of the years of neglect that I have often referred to in this blog 

Detail of the lost branches

In spite of the lost branches the remaining foliage looks pretty healthy

Hindsight tells me that I should have repotted this tree some time ago and because it is still so early in the year it is probably unwise to repot now. I decided therefore that in, an attempt to give the tree the best possible start to the year, I would simply take it out of its existing pot and pot it up into a slightly larger and deeper pot container a more free draining mix. The idea is to give the roots a good start and then repot properly in March/April

Unfortunately when I took it out of its existing pot the existing root ball fell apart at the edges. The roots were few and far between  even though there was plenty mycelium present.   I hope I have made the right decision. The tree will continue to be stored in the greenhouse for the rest of the winter.

I think the tree needs to make some progress before any attempt to rework it

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6 Responses to Marc Noelanders White Pine

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Michael, I think you have done the right thing with this. Strength and vigour will be required before you start to make any changes. This may take a year or two but I feel that Marc’s plan for this tree is still, in the main, achievable.


  2. Commentators Curse?? Its as well I’m not superticious. Fingers crossed tonight and I’ll throw a pinch of salt over my right shoulder.


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