The Harp Juniper (Further Developments)

I was looking forward to working on this tree at the garage night at Ian’s place last night. As it happened however we didn’t get to do what we had perhaps expected. I.E. Wiring and Styling.

I had previously noticed some bark die back on the nebari of the tree and upon close inspection last night Ian suggested that we should investigate this and take the bark off as far back as necessary to find the live vein or veins.

This shot gives some idea of the original bark line

The Cutting back proved to more than was expected to the extent that we discovered the vein at the nebari is actually at the back of the tree.

Although this would not be a first choice option for the front of the tree the live vein is not visible at the base. it would still be acceptable but we did consider another option

If the tree is reversed it may be possible to treat the current back of the tree as the front. If so it is all the more important to have the lower foliage pads fill out.

Although it’s not that clear from this shot all the foliage is from one branch which has been bent upward to produce the apex and then a secondary branch emerging from the main branch has been lowered to provide the lower foliage. In this shot all the foliage is now growing at the back of the tree. It needs to be bent and extended to come to the new front.

The tree might benefit from a new potting angle.

These shots give some idea of the deadwood jins and sharis detail

This is a virtual showing some foliage growth and extension.

It is one thing to look at and admire beautiful junipers and see a single slender live vein running up the tree and supporting all the growth.

It is something else to look at your own at this stage and wonder if the live vein will continue to be viable for the future of the tree. i admit to being a little apprehensive at this stage and am looking forward to an anxious wait in the next few months. Although the general view of all present last night was that the tree looks healthy enough no more work will be done on this tree until I am sure it is heathy enough to sustain it.  If the tree lives a year or two could make a big difference to the overall image.

Thanks again Ian for all your help. I don’t recall disagreeing even once the whole evening.

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2 Responses to The Harp Juniper (Further Developments)

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Hi Michael, I was just sitting down to do my own post about this tree after watching the Liverpool vs Man Ure match. Feeling totally satisfied I may say [sorry Stan and Hugh:-) ]

    I whole night without you disagreeing!! Might have had something to do with me having a makita in my hand lol.

    Great post. I’ll maybe not waffle too much on mine and just refer everyone to your summing up.


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