Kiyohime Acer

I bought this little tree in a garden centre in Amsterdam Suid some years ago. It did well for some time but then was blown off its stand by high winds and the entire main trunk that contained the back branches snapped off like a match stick. It has been all downhill from then.

 This is the usual front of the tree. As the tree was showing additional signs of stress last summer I took it out of its pot and into this large basin without disturbing the roots. It is now in a free draining mix. Dig the pot?

This side view shows where the trunk broke off and also shows the direction of growth of the remaining branches.

Detail of the break

The middle of the tree is fairly scarce on branches

There are plenty of healthy buds on the remaining branches

The Nebari

These two shots show detail of the budding on a short lower branch which I may be able to train to help fill the back of the tree. As can be seen some of them are not far from opening and as the tree is now in the greenhouse it could respond quite quickly to any bright and warmer days by opening up further.

This spring I want to take it out of the old mixthat is compacted around the root ball. Question is. When? Should I re-pot now and ensure full protection over the next few months or should I wait.

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2 Responses to Kiyohime Acer

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    By the look of those buds Michael, you might not be able to wait much longer! Kiyo-hime are one of the first to open and your’s is already starting. I would go ahead and totally wash out the old compacted soil now but keep it under cover until well into the Spring.


  2. Thanks Ian. You have confirmed what I was thinking. Looks like a job for tomorrow


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