Restoring Health

I found this article really interesting. The problem addressed here is one that I have experienced and,allowing for climate differences, the solution offered is more or less what I was advised to do by Ian Young in mid summer last year. Peter Tea has very kindly given me permission to reblog any of his blog content. In the unlikely event that he reads this post! Many Thanks Peter

Peter Tea Bonsai

Shimpaku Health

Tree health is always something we strive for here at Aichien.  We try to keep everything healthy and strong so that we can apply the many different techniques of Bonsai and have the tree respond well.  Sometimes trees will become unhealthy and leaving them alone might not solve the problem.  In those situations we have to proactively get the tree back to health or the tree will continue to weaken and potentially die.  In this post, I will share a trick we use to keep a purchased Shimpaku that has root problems from continuing to die back during the Fall and Winter months.  As you can see from the picture above, some of the foliage is turning brown and if we don’t take care of the tree, more foliage and branches will continue to die during the Winter months.

Water in the Soil

One of the important aspects…

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