Kiyohime Acer Update

The leaf buds on this little Kiyohime are swelling rapidly and although it is very early in the year an immediate repot could not be avoided.

Before the work began.

This is what I found when I took the tree out of the pot. The clay that I had used in the last repot has just gone into a gooey mess and quite clearly has been hindering the progress of the tree. The tree has been under cover and its anybody’s guess as to what it would have been like if it were in the open and taking all the recent rain. This was Tesco Premium cat litter which was highly recommended on other sites. Did I pick the wrong bag up at the store. I’m convinced I didn’t but  I could be wrong 

In spite of the mess there were healthy roots

After a good hose down and root trim there was still some traces of the mess but a further hosing removed it all and it was ready for its pot.

This is the repot. The tree has a long way to go to fill out again after its recent history.

The leaf buds continue to swell

I have raised the tree in the pot to show the nebari a little more. Now the wait to see how the tree progresses this coming year. I have used a very free draining mix for the repot and by doing this I have committed myself to a more onerous care regime. I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.


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2 Responses to Kiyohime Acer Update

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Tesco’s pink will not break down, not sure what that stuff was. In this new mix, and with your new care regime, watch this little fella grow 🙂


  2. Who knows but I do remember having a second look at the bag when I first used it and was satisfied it was Tesco’s Premium. Maybe I was doting. It has been known.


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