Garden Juniper (Sargentii?)

This Juniper was lifted from my garden about  two years ago. I don’t know the species but it has scale foliage hence the question mark at Sargentii.

The long trunk to the left has died completely and the growth to the right has been quite slow but made up some ground late last year.

This is the view from the rear. Neither of the trunks have been wired and are just as they were when lifted.

I amused myself  the other day by doing a bit of de-barking and basic carving as tis will not affect the health of the tree. The next few pics show some of the detail.

The carving and the jins will need refinement in the future and the tree needs a lot more foliage

I had a go at a virtual just for fun but as I look at it I am wondering if so much top growth is not too much for the slender trunk. I am sure there are other options and these will emerge as the tree develops over the next year or two. The lower trunk is about 5 inches diameter and the tree stands about 2 feet tall. Sorry about the old money. I’m just useless with metric.

As soon as it is appropriate I intend to put the tree into a better potting mix


Another option or at least something along these lines might be possible. I am waiting with interest to see what Ian comes up with

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5 Responses to Garden Juniper (Sargentii?)

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    I’ll ask a quick question as I read this on the way out the door shopping, which way do you see the movement within the future image of this tree, to the left or right? I think a design were the movement of the live part matches that of the deadwood would be more harmonious. This could be achieved by changing the movement of the young and flexible live trunk, or, if you are game for it, by heating bending and splitting the dead trunk. I would rather do a virtual than go shopping but the wife won’t let me 🙂


  2. Ian I totally agree. I see the second trunk leaning to the left and more or less following the line of the long deadwood trunk. The main branches would then sweep to the right and possibly down. The small trunk however has a long natural curve in it which would be a real challenge to change.


  3. Ian I have added a feeble attempt at a virtual that changes the tree radically. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.


    • bonsai eejit says:

      Michael, That’s pretty much what I was suggesting and will make a far better image for this tree. It adds a little extra drama to the tree. No need for a virtual from me now 🙂 Only thing I would say, make the deadwood trunk shorter to have a bigger difference in the heights. I also think there might be a better viewing angle but I’d need to see it in the flesh. Is it coming to the meeting on Friday?


  4. I will certainly bring it along Ian. it may be something else to discuss at the meeting. Thanks again for your input.


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