Garden Juniper (Sargentii) Update

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I decided to repot this tree in a large wooden crate in a very free draining mixture and so I set about bare rooting to try to give the tree the best growing conditions I could

When I had hosed and picked out all the scutch grass roots and shoots that had polluted the pot I wasn’t left with much by way of roots.

When working with the tree earlier at the N I Bonsai club meeting we had suspected that the branch supporting all the foliage was quite loose and bare rooting revealed a large crack under the soil. The secondary branch is only barely joined to the deadwood trunk.  This pic shows the crack then the live area where the trunks are joined but there is yet another crack below the live wood. 

There are not as many roots as I would have liked but I suspect there is enough to support the tree over the next few months until the root mass increases.

This shot shows the crack below soil level referred to above.

 I decided that the priority for this tree was to plant as deep as possible. We had discussed a new angle of planting for the tree but I wasn’t too bothered about that at this point as it has such a lot to do and I wanted all the existing roots below soil level.

Job done. What will happen to this tree is anybody’s guess

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