Cotoneaster Franchetii Re-Pot

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This tree is showing definite signs of new spring growth and so it is time for the long overdue repot. It is quite a traumatic experience to dispose of the old pot.

I was pleasantly surprised with the root mass. There is a large deadwood area but the following shots show the roots are not all emerging from the one spot. I think this  may help keep the deadwood in the future. The deadwood has suffered from rot in the past but has been heavily treated with wood hardener.

These are not the best shots I’ve ever taken. I was too close with the lens but they show that there are plenty of roots at both sides of the tree. they were growing under the tree and provided a kind of cushion that the tree sat on in the training pot. If this is replicated and the tree raised slightly so that the deadwood area is raised out of the soil a little this might help keep it. In any case I treated underneath the tree with more wood hardener. This was not ideal as the tree was wet after the bare rooting but I left it as long as possible before finishing the re-pot. We will see if this has helped stem the rot.

This is the repot with the tree repositioned to show off the interesting aerial root and some deadwood. It now needs some branch extension to balance the image from this viewing angle but I think it works quite well. I have lowered the apex about an inch or so but I think it probably needs lowered a little more

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