Scots Pine Re-pot

The re-potting season has arrived with a vengeance and so Bonsai eejit, Ian Young arranged a session in his garage on Saturday afternoon past when we got stuck into a few trees. The first on my list was this Scots Pine which Ian had very kindly re-styled for me some months ago.

The proposed potting angle after the re-styling

This rather poor pic of the root mass clearly shows that growth has already begun in earnest

Ian advised that we should not reduce the roots any more than this and he strongly advised against hosing out the roots to completely bare root the tree. I was happy to go along with this.

The end result

Apparently the tree may not do very much this year after the re-pot but in later years I can look forward to the tree foliage filling out significantly.  I think this could be a nice little tree in the future. It’s about 2 ft tall in old money i.e. 700 mm


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