Cedar Re-Pot

This is an image of this tree with extended growth in September 2011.  The tree was originally styled by Marco Invernizzi from nursery material in 2000 approx. It would be a bit of an understatement to say that he didn’t like the material he was working on. To be fair to him he was probably quite right.

This is the tree in its new pot. It needs a lot of re-styling and this will be attempted as soon as the tree is strong enough. I think the lowest  branch on the left needs to be extended downward and outward somewhat to give the tree more balance. It would also have been a good idea to clean the pot before photographing the tree at this stage. 

Unfortunately the little jin on the trunk has been damaged in the process of re-potting and it will need a bit of work.  I borrowed this pic from Ian. Hope he doesn’t mind.

Will this ever be a decent tree. Probably not. It will always be mediocre but it’s mine and I will try to love and care for it as long as I can just as any other eejit would. Sorry about the eejit thing Ian.

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