White Pine with Rock Re-Pot

I have grown this little white pine from a small sapling over the last 11 years or so. It was in training pots for many years until it was planted with some lava rock in a shallow pot some 5-6 years ago. It was planted in almost pure Acadama which had broken down and was extremely compacted. A re-pot can only do good to this tree. 

The root ball wasn’t great and I have cleared out as much old clay as I could using a chop stick.

This is the re-pot. The tree needs time to recover and will then benefit from a re-style and tidy up. Something for the long finger.

A couple close-ups of the foliage show that it is not too bad in spite of the original poor potting medium. The tree had lost a couple of twigs but no main branches and now that its potted in Acadama and grit it should recover well. The visible scar is where I removed a fairly large branch at the very early stages of training as I had the current shape of the tree more or less in mind. The original sapling favoured this sort of shape

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