Privet – Ligustrum Re-Pot

I can see light at the end of the tunnel as I slowly work my way through the re-potting of my trees.

This is my tall ligustrum in September last year. It has been in this pot for about 5 years and re-potting is long overdue.

Root congestion 


Reduced root mass

This is the re-potted tree. The image would probably have been balanced better if I had potted to the right of the pot rather than to the left. Too late now. The tree needs much more filling out with foliage. Should I keep the baby and go for a mother and child look.?

This is the lowest branch which is developing nicely. This year should see the ramification improve some more



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One Response to Privet – Ligustrum Re-Pot

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Mother and child? No, Not in your life time 😀 😀 Or mine for that matter!!

    I think you are right about a shift to the right as the apex is very far to the left side of the pot. If I was being picky 😉 I would also suggest a shallower glazed oval for it’s next pot. If you can double the ramification, especially toward the upper half, it will make a marked difference to the image.


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