Peter Tea-Tanaka, Junichiro

Another superb article from Peter Tea re-blogged with his permission

Peter Tea Bonsai

Tanaka, Junichiro 田中 淳一郎

I was working in the workshop as usual one day and Mr. Tanaka brings in this Black Pine and sets it on his work station.  When this tree first came to the nursery, many people including Juan and myself were admiring it because it’s somewhat rare to find a small size tree with thick bark. As Mr. Tanaka started working, I thought it would be a great idea if we wrote an article about the initial styling of this tree.  He agreed and we got to work photographing and discussing what he did.  After Mr. Tanaka was finished with his work I asked him some questions and have incorporated his answers within the article.  Since Mr. Tanaka can’t write English very well, I will tell the story based on the comments he made to me.  We also decided that translating this article into Spanish would be nice…

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