European Larch Progress

This larch was one of the trees I re-potted this year and it seems to have recovered well and is making steady growth.

I bought the tree from Phil  NIBS quite a few years ago and after an initial styling I have never really tried to do anything with it. The tree had no real apex and so I bent the back branch upward through 140 degrees approx to enable an apex to be formed. This exercise has been moderately successful. At that time I also (over) carved the trunk, which was quite boring, to add a bit of interest. I also added a fairly large jin/shari at the top of the original trunk. This could do with some work to make it a little more interesting.

The tree  had been planted in a very free draining mix and when I re-potted this year the roots were in very good condition. A testimony to Phil’s potting technique. (That’s a quare bit of crawling. Isn’t  it?).  I have re-potted into a similar type mix and have been feeding with Green Dream which seems to work well. When I re-potted I brought the new apex forward quite a bit to give the tree a more upright appearance as it had been planted originally leaning backward and away from the viewer.

The tree needs to fill out a great deal and some of the top branches need to lengthen to balance the tree . The best that can be said is that it is on it’s way to who knows what or where.

The top foliage

You can see from the scar tissue that I have allowed the excavated trunk to heal over quite a bit with new scar tissue etc. I am looking for inspiration to see if I can make it any more interesting. The tree is about 24 inches in height.

Some other trees that I re-potted earlier seemed to put on good growth but with the drop in temperatures in recent weeks they have slowed up quite a bit. I need to remind myself that it is still April and I need to be patient.


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2 Responses to European Larch Progress

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    looking healthy Michael.


  2. Hi ian. the tree is doing well and I am looking forward to watching it fill out more in the coming growing season.


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