Acer Palmatum OSAKZSUKI

This is proving to be a very interesting little tree. I bought some years ago from a local garden centre and have tried to “BONSAI” it with modest success. it took a long time for it to get going after re-potting. I think I was too early but it seems to be doing well now.

Last year one of the branches went wrinkly and I thought it was starting to dry up to wither and die. It didn’t. The tree now looks quite healthy although the branches need to lengthen and thicken but all the leaves are now wrinkly and the overall  leaf colour and general appearance is quite attractive. I am wondering if this crinkled is a characteristic of this variety that has developed as the tree has matured. I am fairly confident that I have the variety name right although I don’t have the original label.

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2 Responses to Acer Palmatum OSAKZSUKI

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    looking a lot happier now.


  2. Ian you would almost think I’m doing something right for a change.


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