The Japanese maple Experiment. Another Excellent Post from Peter Tea

The Japanese maple Experiment.

Peter Tea Bonsai

The Japanese Maple Experiment

Maple #1

Maple #2

Since it’s repotting season and I was itching for a maple side project, I asked Mr. Tanaka if I could develop these two Japanese Maples.  These Japanese Maples are called Arakawa Momiji which literally translate to Rough Bark Japanese Maple.  Unlike the typical Japanese Maple with smooth bark, these maples develop small and fairly hard bark plates.  Both of them have nice trunks and were field grown.  About 10 years ago, they were put into bonsai pots and sat at the overflow field that Mr. Tanaka owns.  A few weeks ago, I was watering the overflow field and stumbled upon these two and thought it was be great if I could practice developing them during my time here in Japan.  I showed them to Mr. Tanaka and he gave me the green-light to develop them during my own time (as if I…

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