Trident Maple (Long Term Project)

I bought this Trident maple from Heron’s Bonsai some years ago. It was little more than a twig and I stuck it into the ground to grow it on. It really didn’t thicken as I had hoped for various reasons so I decided to lift it this year, pot in into a large container and feed it heavily.

I bare-rooted it and cut off all the long leggy growth and I now think that, after bare rooting, cutting back all the growth was probably not the right thing to do on a Trident Maple. The tree did take a long time to recover even though it has been under glass since it was lifted. It seems to be making an effort now and is starting to back bud from the trunk.

I had shaped it roughly while it was in the ground and cut it back from time to time. It suffered a bit of damage hence the big scar which I think adds a bit of character. It could turn out to be a nice tree about 18 inches to 2 ft tall but it will take some time. I think Dan Barton calls trees at this stage POTENTSAI

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