Taxus Bacatta Prostrate (Yew)

This Yew was grown from a cutting that was struck about 8 years ago. If it’s suitable I am hoping to have it styled in a Peter Warren workshop later this year. With that in view I thought I would give it a little prep work.

This tree was planted in a mix of garden soil, grit and peat and in spite of being left to fend for itself it has done well in the last 3 years or so. The root ball is massive and packed with fibrous roots. It should really be reduced and cleaned out completely but if I want to work on it later this year I don’t think this would be wise. I am settling for exposing as much of the nebari as I can at this stage, reducing the depth by pruning the bottom of the root mass and losening up the outside roots.


This is the nebari (not much) with approx 1 1/2 inches of soil removed.


This shot shows some ugly scars that remain after I bent the trunk quite drastically a couple of years ago. They will heal in time. There is some back budding on the branches and from the trunk. I have reduced the branch tips by about 2 inches to help promote further back budding and filling out over the season.

I intend to make a box tray for the tree and plant it on into a free draining mix within the  next week or so. I will feed it heavily with chicken pellets over the growing season. I think it will be reasonable material to work on in the workshop but time will tell.

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