I was a bit fed up with the look of my blog. The background didn’t do anything for me and I couldn’t see an alternative theme on wordpress that I particularly fancied. Except bonsaieejit’s and I thought  using that would be pushin it a bit. I loved the look of Ronin Bonsai blog so I thought I would have a go at changing my background to something similar to his.

It is a vile wet day here and my conservatory windows are streaming with water. I took a pic, rotated it through 180 to get a bit of shadow at the top and uploaded it. I like the result. This is a smaller version of the image I used after sharpening it a little.

It works a treat for me anyway

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4 Responses to Chuffed

  1. Ray C says:

    Impersonation is the best form of flattery.


  2. bonsai eejit says:

    Looks good Michael, better than the purple 😉 The greys work well and I like work better with a photo heavy blog.
    What about a few different banner pics that could be set to rotate?


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