N I Bonsai Club Night with Robert Porch

This month’s club night turned out to be a very enjoyable event.  A Scots Chap called Robert Porch paid us an impromptu visit. He was in N Ireland visiting family and agreed, at late notice, to stage an impromptu  styling demonstration on some member’s trees.. I had never met Robert before and he turned out to be a very pleasant guy and he staged a very helpful styling session on a number of small trees. Society member Phil helped him with wiring the trees.

Robert had a very unassuming approach to the event and this copmbined with a his jocular personality made for a very relaxed yet informative night. I managed to get a few half decent shots of a couple of the trees.

 The first tree was a little larch which had a very straight trunk.

I was really taken with this little tree although it will need more work in the future

A nice little Scots Pine

Robert’s 50th birthday is imminent so he was treated to a chorus of happy birthday and a rather nice birthday cake


This is Robert dressed for a slightly different occasion.



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2 Responses to N I Bonsai Club Night with Robert Porch

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    That front row seat worked well for you I see, nice tree shots there.


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