Informal Upright Juniper

This tree was struck from a cutting about 6 years ago and suffered the same fate of neglect with all of my other trees. Having been heavily fed since July last year, given a bit of a styling in September and then re-potted this year into a deep pot  I am pleased with its progress. It is putting on plenty of new growth and is back-budding nicely.

It’s a bit heavy on top but I’m going to leave it for another month or so and then lighten it. 


This is a simple little tree and is still a work in progress but I quite like it

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One Response to Informal Upright Juniper

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    With the thickness of the trunk I think it would be more convincing with the lowest 2 branches jinned. This would created a lighter image with a more suitable amount of foliage for the weight of the tree. Perhaps a little shari for interest, but only when the tree has settled from repotting.


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