Acer Palmatum New Project

This tree has been growing in this very large pot for about 10 years. I don’t know how old it was before I got it. It was always meant to be a straight forward decorative Acer Specimen in a pot. It was never really looked after and wasn’t doing so well so on the spur of the moment in mid April I decided to try to bonsai it. I cut back all the straggly growth and to keep the tree alive, left one long stem and a straggly side branch with buds on it. The tree has started to back bud quite well so I decided as my next step to remove as much of the top soil as I could, without endangering the tree, to show the nebari if there was one of any value.

There was a bit of rot at the site of a previous chop that needed excavated. I have now sealed it with cut pasted which should help it callous over. it will need further work.

This shot shows the remains of the old net bag that the tree was in before the original owner potted it up.

The long branch removed and nebari revealed. I had to remove about 3 inches of soil to reveal the nebari


The nebari. In a future repot the nebari can be uncovered a little more. There is an ugly root at the back which will need to be removed at some stage.

The next step is to make a shallow wooden crate for the tree, pot it up, feed it heavily and wait. 

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