Home Again

We have returned from holiday in the Algarve and life has resumed it’s fairly hectic pace. Gardening, vegetable planting, getting my boat onto it’s mooring in Groomsport, attending bonsai school and doing a bit of sunbathing in the lovely sunshine we have been having etc, etc. It’s cloudy today so I thought I would take time out this A.M. to resume my blogging activities for what it’s worth.

I had set up an automatic watering system for my trees while I was away and was quite anxious about it’s reliability. I am told that for the first 5/6 days I had nothing to worry about as it was quite cold and wet here in Bangor. In the latter part of our break however it was warmer and drier here and I am pleased and relieved to report that the system seemed to work well.

I had set the trees in a semi shaded part of the garden to keep them out of all day sun and they seemed to do well in my absence. I had set the sprinkler to come on twice a day for 30 mins at 11AM and 11PM.

The birds were busy with some bean seeds that I had left in seed trays. Hence the mess

This Juniper has done well in my absence with lots of new luscious growth. It will soon be ready for a bit of a re-style.

This little white pine which was flagging quite a bit has come into flower over the last 2 weeks. I am thinking of removing them so as redirect the tree’s energy into back budding.

All in all nothing very exiting but I’m up and running again.



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