Bonsai School

NIBS hosted another bonsai school on a very hot Saturday 26th May. It wasn’t my best day for taking pics but I managed to get a few shots of some personalities in attendance.

Peter. Not a sharp pic. I don’t know what that says about Peter. 

A guy called Ed Hardy. Never heard of him!!

Just up the road they were filming a re-make of the Agatha Christie movie Death on the Nile and Hercule Poirot dropped in. I shoulda got his autograph

Three hairy bastes that I think were extras in the movie. At one stage Peter was dealing  with how to prune excess growth on trees. I think he was tempted to get stuck in on these three.

There were also a few trees at the school and this is a rather lovely little sycamore grown from seed by Bob. A.K.A., Hercule Poirot. I really liked it. It puts me in mind of a Praying Mantis insect

A nice trident maple.

OOPS Correction: A nice Oak

Another great day. Thanks for the grub.

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3 Responses to Bonsai School

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    No hair on my head!

    Oh, and that’s an oak not a Trident 🙂


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