Persecution, Persecution, Persecution

We had another Garage Night at Ian Young’s place last night and it was there that I had it confirmed to me that my relationship with NIBS is built upon TRUST and UNDERSTANDING.

TRUST them to Abuse, Malign, Injure, Persecute and generally Rail against me the whole night because in my last post I quite UNDERSTANDABLY inentified an Oak Bonsai as a Trident Maple. I must say however that at the time of writing the post in question I did think there was something a little QUERKY about the tree. (GET IT???) 

My confidence and self-esteem has taken quite a knock and I feel like saying that I had a great night but it wasn’t last night.

Some of the culprits involved

Just to show that I am determined to carry on undeterred I am posting a couple on shots of my San Jose Juniper

AKA Scots Pine (I Think)

And a lovely little Shohin Silver Birch

Well!  there were a couple of Silver Birch there last night and I tend to get confused quite easily. This might be a Pyracantha just longing to get into a decent little pot.

Anyhowr, ( anyhow/anyway) thanks for a good night folks. 

Now where did I leave my Trident Maple? Or was it an Ash or a Cotoneaster.

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4 Responses to Persecution, Persecution, Persecution

  1. willowbogger says:

    Mike , they are just a nasty bunch in that garage , in any case I would not be surprised if that teacher guy the other day had referred to the oak as a trident ? why not blame him !! I’ve heard that he doesn’t know his quercus from his acer !!


  2. bonsai eejit says:

    What a sensitive chap you are turning out to be 🙂 I thought you grew up playing tig with hatchets ??!! For those of you who don’t know Michael very well, he gives as good as he gets 😀


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