Greenmount Agricultural College Centenary Show

NIBS have been offered the opportunity to stage a Bonsai Display on the Weekend of 16th June at Greenmount’s Centenary Show and it looks like being a great day. Like all succesful events there is a lot of background effort needed in preparation and Wednesday Evening 13th saw NIBS make the initial preparations in transporting the staging and erecting it at the venue.

Greenmount have provided a large floored Marquee and NIBS have accepted responsibility for showing on 75% of the floor space.

The N I Koi Club are taking 25% of the floor space so it looks like the Marquee will be a significant place  of interest for the public. Large crowds are expected  over the two days.

The NIBS staging is stored at Ian young’s Dad’s farm.

Loading Up

Loading Up 


Ready to go

Phil Being Rude

Phil Being Rude (or just being Phil)


Phil trying to look normal (unsucessfully) 

Graham Going Mad

As the evening wore on Fatigue and Madness began to set in
Almost Finished

Almost Finished

Koi Club Preparations

Koi Club preparations.

I came home exhausted but satisfied. Getting too old for heavy work or maybe just need more eggs and porridge in the mornings. Saturday should be a busy but enjoyable day. There may also be opportunities for some decent pics.


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2 Responses to Greenmount Agricultural College Centenary Show

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    You have a knack for taking disturbing photos 🙂

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