Greenmount Show Sat 16th

The Show, which was extremely interesting, started of quite slowly because of the very poor weather and there was just a trickle of people through the bonsai display at the early stages.

Start of The Day

Things  picked up later largely thanks to John’s magnificent effort in directing people through the marquee. Poster

Poster 1


Well done John.


Demo Table

The club had set up a demo bench that was manned for most of the day by Phil, Ben and Brendan. There was quite a bit of friendly banter exchanged throughout the day but no-one ever really got the better of Phil.



These are a couple of before and after shots of a nice little Juniper that Phil gave an initial styling.

Not Half Bad at all! (Quite Good) 

Acer Palmatum

This is just a sample of the display. A lovely Acer Palmatum with Accent Planting

We had other company in the form of the Koi display.

This monster, which was pregnant, was about 2ft log and was so heavy that she was a two-man lift in and out of the tank.


To be continued….

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2 Responses to Greenmount Show Sat 16th

  1. willowbogger says:

    nice show Mike !


  2. It was agood day Peter and nice for me to be involved in someting like this again.


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