Tanuki Juniper

The Story So far:

This tree had put on lots of new growth and needed thinning out and wiring of the fine branches. A tedious job and one that I am not very good at but I got on with it. These pics show the result:


There’s a lot of soft growth left that can’t really be wired yet but it’s moving in the right direction.



This is a fun tree for me. I would love to make it more convincing. Perhaps time will do that. Meantime I’ll just continue to enjoy the challenge and not mope too much about the failure.

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2 Responses to Tanuki Juniper

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Michael, obviously the show inspired you 🙂 You’ve made a great job of this. You all most appear to know what you are doing 😉


  2. Almost !!! Careful with your praise or I will be getting a big head. Fine wirng is a real futter. Ta BTW.


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