Korean Hornbeam

I bought this Korean Hornbeam from Brian, an NIBS member in October last year. It wasn’t doing so well for him as he lives in an exposed coastal area. It had long branch extensions that look as if they have been shaped by the wind or have grown towards the light for a long time. Perhaps not. i bought it just because I didn’t have a Hornbeam in my collection.

Other than feed it and pot int into a slightly larger pot without disturbing the roots I have done nothing to it until now. I decided to give in a very light trim and also straighten and lower the bottom branches a little. I think  I’m going to put it into an even larger pot as it really seems to be struggling to back-bud. The long branches really only have growth at their tips.


Before Trimming etc 



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One Response to Korean Hornbeam

  1. Loved this post! You take very amazing pictures ! =)

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