Cascade Juniper

I consider this tree to be a bit of a success story this year so far. The tree was refined by Ian Young in November 2011, Click here for the original post, and has been untouched since.

 My Original

This is the tree after the work.


Juniper Cascade

This pic taken today shows that it has put on excellent growth this year. I always knew my trees lacked something in the past. I didn’t realise that something was FOOD. I have fed it heavily with chicken pellets and an occasional foliar feed. It has responded well.

 Juniper Cascade Pinched

This is the tree after a light pinching to promote a little filling out of the pads. The tree has a bit to go yet and needs a decent pot but it’s getting there.

I had thought of re-potting next spring but because the tree seems to be doing ok now and foliage growth is a priority I may well wait another year rather than set it back with a re-pot.

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2 Responses to Cascade Juniper

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Still a few things bothering me but I really am impressed with the growth this year. Would like another look soon, maybe look at extending the shari. Make sure that wire is still ok.


  2. ian, Wire looks ok for a while yet but will probably need removed before end of August.


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