Kiyohime Misery

I know that Kiyohime can be difficult to keep looking fresh and healthy and this baby is no exception. Following a very positive start in Spring this tree just seems to have struggled. The leaves were withering and drooping and the tree wasn’t a pretty picture. (I didn’t take one)

 Kiyohime De-Foliated

I could see some new buds emerging and so I took the head staggers and decided to de-foliate to see if the tree would bake a better go of it. This was possibly the wrong decision for a number of reasons. The first is that it may be getting too late in the year and the second is that the tree was re-potted in spring. I decided to risk it.

Kiyohime Buds

New Buds 

Kiyohime New Shoot

On a positive note it is good to see the tree sending out a new shoot at the back of the tree where it is very bare because of earlier storm damage 

Kiyohime Ramification

Some of the branch structure.

It’s another waiting game

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2 Responses to Kiyohime Misery

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Should be OK Michael, you are right, very late and not great in the same year as repotting. Also, Kiyo-hime don’t like defoliation, especially at the apex which is weaker on this variety. That said, Phil has done it! 🙂


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