Cedar Problems

This Cedar is another tree that doesn’t  seem to have responded well to re-potting this year. It has just done very little up until now although it has received the same treatment as all my other trees that, with one or two exceptions, are thriving.  I pruned the extension growth at the end of last year and it would usually respond well to that. Not this year however.


The next pic of the foliage shows what the tree has  looked like this throughout the growing season.

 Cedar Foliage 1

Cedar Foliage

Some new extension growth

I put the tree into the greenhouse to keep it from the rain and to keep it in a warm, humid atmosphere. It may have made a difference as there is much more extension growth now although large areas of the tree still seems to be almost dormant.

The tree has been fed well and has received an occasional foliar feed.

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6 Responses to Cedar Problems

  1. Adam says:

    One person who I know that cultivates cedar who says they respond much better if you re-pot them later than you do other conifers. He says to wait to re-pot until the new spring growth extends to about and inch or so. I haven’t tried it personally, but the cedars this guy grows are amazing.


    • Adam, Thanks for your response. Since re-potting I have read that Cedars do not respond well to re-potting and that it is better to leave them to later in spring as you suggested. Its good to hear from someone who has first hand information. Some pics of your friends Cedars would be brilliant.


  2. Adam says:

    Not exactly a friend, but a guy that has a bonsai nursery around where I live. He hasn’t updated his website in forever, but here’s a couple of pictures of the stuff he grows (from scratch no less!).


  3. Thanks Adam. I appreciate the links and have used them for a new post. Some pics of your own trees would be nice to use.


  4. Adam says:

    I don’t have any cedars right now, and I’m futtering around with about the same level of material you are. One of these days I’ll get my blog jump started again…


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