Happy as a Pig in Muck

In my folly I collected a beech tree in late autumn 2011 only to discover it had a nasty inverted taper on the lower trunk. Regardless of this I planted it up as this old post shows. The story so far:

In late February I decided to have a go at air layering just above soil level and at the top end of the inverted taper. I had no expectations of success so I didn’t take any photos. The tree survived and I decided to have an exploratory look at the bottom of the flower pot that I had packed with sphagnum moss. To my great delight this is what I found.

Beech roots


I had a sneaky look at the other side of the tree and the result is very similar. I’m delighted.

A month or so ago after I had given my Tanuki Juniper a bit of a styling Ian young commented that it almost looked like I knew what I was doing. I’m beginning to believe that myself.

This is the tree that stands about 15 inches tall and is about 2.5 inches dia. The next question is when do I make the cut and plant up the newly rooted stock.

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