Training a Trident Maple

I enjoyed this article by Peter Chan on the training of Large trident Maples and thought I would include a link to it. There are a number of very interesting articles on this site.

Large Trident Maple Bonsai

Written by Peter Chan
  Acer tree  Although bonsai is the art of growing miniature trees, I have always been fascinated by bonsai that are on the large side. Shohin and Chuhin size bonsai do very little for me. Shohin and Chuhin may be cute, but to me they do not have the power and majesty of larger bonsai. They do not grab me in the same way that large bonsai can do. But of all the species commonly used for large bonsai, none are as impressive as the Trident maple -i.e. Acer beurgerianum, and  none are as easy to develop in a short space of time as the Trident. ……… More
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