Yew Before and After

Following Ian’s visit with me on Wednesday I thought a couple of before and after pics of some of the work he did would be a good idea.

This is a Yew that I had worked on late last year and then re-potted in Spring 2012. Click here for the earlier work.

Ian thought that it could be improved. (No surprise there then. Most of the work I do can be improved upon) The tree had no apex and the top right branch was a bit of an eyesore as it had a very unnatural looking upward angle as it left the trunk. We decided that this had to go as did the lower forward facing branch.  They were jinned and the next pic shows that we added a shari.


I thought that the lower jin was a bit “in your face” so when I got Ian’s back turned I trimmed it a bit and wired it so that I could set it a little more to the right.

The bottom branch is still a bit of a problem as it is very straight. The fact is however that the pic makes it look much worse than it really is.

All in all I think the tree presents a much more striking image and as the pads fill out and other of the defects are hidden it could be a nice little tree.

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3 Responses to Yew Before and After

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Photos doesn’t help at all lol. Was the front slightly further to the right? Looking at this now, I’d be tempted to lose the bottom branch as well and make the back branch sit a little higher. That’s the problem with photos, they can show all faults when in reality, it’s not that bad 🙂 I feel a virtual coming on 🙂


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