This is another little tree that has suffered from my much written about neglect and overworking. The two stumps at the bottom are what remains of a lower branch and a back branch that died.

I bought this tree for a fiver £5 from a small bonsai outlet near Brookwood in Surrey about 9 years ago. It’s not there now. My impression of it at the time that the chap who ran it did so as a kind of money-making hobby.  I would love to know who he is and if he is still involved in bonsai  It was just a twig then and i put it into a small flower pot. That was my first mistake. it should have gone into a larger pot to let the trunk etc grow and thicken. I tried to make it into a bonsai far too soon.


This is the same tree after re-potting in 2012, good growth until August, a bit of a trim and a simple styling. That’s a posh way of saying that Ii have futtered with it. There is a lot of fine growth that I didn’t try to wire but it doesn’t look too bad. I would love to be able to thicken that trunk and develop a bit of a convincing nebari.


Branch detail 2 Aug 12

Lower branch detail

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2 Responses to Picea

  1. Steve Moore says:

    I’ve got a Black Hills spruce that went thru much the same: years of neglect (some forced on me) and my early ignorance. In spite of me, I think it will still make a nice bunjin. Have you considered doing that with this tree?


  2. Steve, I had not thought of a bunjin style but it is worth considering. Thanks


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